WE are Storytellers

A story can help us find food or keep us out of danger. A story can entertain us or lead us to new frontiers. A story can free us from others or our own minds. Stories have united us for centuries and helped us shape the world we live in today.

We have always shared stories in small groups around the fireside, and now using  animation, video, social media and interactive environments, we can share our stories with more people than ever before. 

At Una Luma we use these tools and more to tell stories that make a positive difference. Can you imagine a better world? We can put it on the screen.

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creativity, animation and starting a studio.



Everyone we work with is a collaborator.
Including our clients. 

Everyone has a story, and by working together to tell these stories we can create the world we want to live in. Whether it’s partnering with another production team, or an organization with a important message to share, everyone has something to contribute.

What stories will you tell?

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We welcome questions, collaborations, and new friends. 

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